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Almaden Valley Real Estate

Almaden Valley is situated on the Southern end of San Jose. Home to around 37,000 people, Almaden is considered to be mostly made up of upward middle class neighborhoods.

Almaden Homes and Real Estate can be on the expensive side by some standards but when you buy a home in Almaden Valley, you will be enjoying a peaceful and somewhat isolated community in the San Jose Area. Schools in Almaden Valley are top notch and many buyers looking for Homes in Almaden Valley are shopping there because of the great schools.

Almaden borrowed it’s name from a Spanish Mining area known for it’s mercury mines. Alamaden Valley is home to a large deposit of Cinnabar which is a rock that contains large amounts of mercury.

Mercury is used in gold extraction, and the Quicksilver mines in Almaden Valley where in use from the 1800s to the final closing of operations in 1975. The soil and waters around these mines still contain high levels of Mercury today though the area has been set aside as a regional park for hiking.

Almaden Homes and Real Estate can be a great investment for a home buyer. 417383299The homes in Almaden Valley vary greatly as there are different areas in the Almaden Valley. The Almaden Valley Country Club is one of the Oldest in the area and the homes around the country club are often large elegant homes on big lots. There are older neighborhoods in Almaden Valley too, dating back to the turn of the 20th century when the Quicksilver mines were a main source of employment and income for the residence of the area.

I have set up this page to help you find your dream Home in Almaden Valley Area whether it is a charming country club home on the golf coarse or a new home on a large lot deep in the heart of Almaden Valley.

If you are looking to buy a home in Almaden Valley or Real Estate in the Almaden Valley area, you need to be sure you are working with an area expert. I have sold many homes in the Almaden Area and know the area very well.

Let me help you find and buy your Almaden Valley Home.

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